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1.   'I cannot think of leaving you, sir, at so late an hour, in thissolitary lane, till I see you are fit to mount your horse.'
2. The winter was a wretched one. There were days on which Sara tramped through snow when she went on her errands; there were worse days when the snow melted and combined itself with mud to form slush; there were others when the fog was so thick that the lamps in the street were lighted all day and London looked as it had looked the afternoon, several years ago, when the cab had driven through the thoroughfares with Sara tucked up on its seat, leaning against her father's shoulder. On such days the windows of the house of the Large Family always looked delightfully cozy and alluring, and the study in which the Indian gentleman sat glowed with warmth and rich color. But the attic was dismal beyond words. There were no longer sunsets or sunrises to look at, and scarcely ever any stars, it seemed to Sara. The clouds hung low over the skylight and were either gray or mud-color, or dropping heavy rain. At four o'clock in the afternoon, even when there was no special fog, the daylight was at an end. If it was necessary to go to her attic for anything, Sara was obliged to light a candle. The women in the kitchen were depressed, and that made them more ill-tempered than ever. Becky was driven like a little slave.
3.   From these several considerations I think it inevitably follows, that as new species in the course of time are formed through natural selection, others will become rarer and rarer, and finally extinct. The forms which stand in closest competition with those undergoing modification and improvement, will naturally suffer most. And we have seen in the chapter on the Struggle for Existence that it is the most closely-allied forms, varieties of the same species, and species of the same genus or of related genera, which, from having nearly the same structure, constitution, and habits, generally come into the severest competition with each other. Consequently, each new variety or species, during the progress of its formation, will generally press hardest on its nearest kindred, and tend to exterminate them. We see the same process of extermination amongst our domesticated productions, through the selection of improved forms by man. Many curious instances could be given showing how quickly new breeds of cattle, sheep, and other animals, and varieties of flowers, take the place of older and inferior kinds. In Yorkshire, it is historically known that the ancient black cattle were displaced by the long-horns, and that these 'were swept away by the short-horns' (I quote the words of an agricultural writer) 'as if by some murderous pestilence.'Divergence of Character
4. "Wish they had!" Terry persisted. "They've neither the vices of men, nor the virtues of women--they're neuters!"
5. 在哲理或信念上,我同意有品味这回事,也不能肯定品味不变。困难是我们不是上帝,不能判断一个人的品味是怎样的,也不能判断这个人的品味是否改变了。经济学所说的品味之变是一种游戏:一个人的行为改变了,就说因为这个人的品味有所转变。这是什么科学呢?所有行为都可以用品味的转变来解释,我们还有什么可以被事实验证的理论含意呢?可以这样说吧:凡是以品味的转变来解释行为的,皆低手也。每个人天生下来,其品味是不同的。这点容易同意,所以我不能否认有品味这回事。但从科学验证的角度看,单以品味的转变来解释行为是空空如也。
6. 信息2.吝啬从不主动花钱,做的菜也不怎么样女人外表算不上突出,考虑到自身家庭条件,王华与她见了第一次面后,心里也就认可了这个女人。


1. But Gitanjali's portable invention allows a sensor linked to a mobile app to give an accurate, almost immediate analysis.
2. 弗拉基米尔接受东正教,并非仅仅是宗教信仰的改变,它对俄罗斯人的风俗及其以后的历史产生了普遍、深刻的影响。以拜占廷为模式的教会统治集团,这时已经组成,首领是基辅大主教,由君主坦丁堡最高一级的主教伍命,且隶属于他的管辖。在长达两个世纪的时间里,大主教都是希腊人,不过,由大主教任命的主教,除最初几任外,绝大多数是俄罗斯人。基督教还给俄罗斯带来新的宗教文学和法律文学,其中包括《圣经》、拜占廷收集的早期基督教作家的作品、圣徒传记和法律书籍的译本。石造教堂、镶嵌工艺、壁画、油画、尤其是肖像画等拜占廷艺术,这时也被介绍进来。而且,在这些方面,俄罗斯人更胜一筹,形成了独具一格的俄罗斯-
3.   At this moment a man who had been crouching in a ditch jumped up andcame towards them. It was Mousqueton. He pointed his finger to thelighted window.
4.   So saying the princess mounted her horse, and, declining to allow even Prince Bahman to carry the cage with the Talking Bird, she entrusted him with the branch of the Singing Tree, while Prince Perviz took care of the flask containing the Golden Water.
5. 张鹏:确实是,其实很多的创新都是在边缘地带发生的,在那个地方因为相对地边缘、荒芜,更需要在动作上精准,更不能是巨头那种直接把钱扔进去就能怎么样,这其实反而可能是适合这种小团队。
6.   When we see any part or organ developed in a remarkable degree or manner in any species, the fair presumption is that it is of high importance to that species; nevertheless the part in this case is eminently liable to variation. Why should this be so? On the view that each species has been independently created, with all its parts as we now see them, I can see no explanation. But on the view that groups of species have descended from other species, and have been modified through natural selection, I think we can obtain some light. In our domestic animals, if any part, or the whole animal, be neglected and no selection be applied, that part (for instance, the comb in the Dorking fowl) or the whole breed will cease to have a nearly uniform character. The breed will then be said to have degenerated. In rudimentary organs, and in those which have been but little specialized for any particular purpose, and perhaps in polymorphic groups, we see a nearly parallel natural case; for in such cases natural selection either has not or cannot come into full play, and thus the organisation is left in a fluctuating condition. But what here more especially concerns us is, that in our domestic animals those points, which at the present time are undergoing rapid change by continued selection, are also eminently liable to variation. Look at the breeds of the pigeon; see what a prodigious amount of difference there is in the beak of the different tumblers, in the beak and wattle of the different carriers, in the carriage and tail of our fantails, &c., these being the points now mainly attended to by English fanciers. Even in the sub-breeds, as in the short-faced tumbler, it is notoriously difficult to breed them nearly to perfection, and frequently individuals are born which depart widely from the standard. There may be truly said to be a constant struggle going on between, on the one hand, the tendency to reversion to a less modified state, as well as an innate tendency to further variability of all kinds, and, on the other hand, the power of steady selection to keep the breed true. In the long run selection gains the day, and we do not expect to fail so far as to breed a bird as coarse as a common tumbler from a good short-faced strain. But as long as selection is rapidly going on, there may always be expected to be much variability in the structure undergoing modification. It further deserves notice that these variable characters, produced by man's selection, sometimes become attached, from causes quite unknown to us, more to one sex than to the other, generally to the male sex, as with the wattle of carriers and the enlarged crop of pouters.Now let us turn to nature. When a part has been developed in an extraordinary manner in any one species, compared with the other species of the same genus, we may conclude that this part has undergone an extraordinary amount of modification, since the period when the species branched off from the common progenitor of the genus. This period will seldom be remote in any extreme degree, as species very rarely endure for more than one geological period. An extraordinary amount of modification implies an unusually large and long-continued amount of variability, which has continually been accumulated by natural selection for the benefit of the species. But as the variability of the extraordinarily-developed part or organ has been so great and long-continued within a period not excessively remote, we might, as a general rule, expect still to find more variability in such parts than in other parts of the organisation, which have remained for a much longer period nearly constant. And this, I am convinced, is the case. That the struggle between natural selection on the one hand, and the tendency to reversion and variability on the other hand, will in the course of time cease; and that the most abnormally developed organs may be made constant, I can see no reason to doubt. Hence when an organ, however abnormal it may be, has been transmitted in approximately the same condition to many modified descendants, as in the case of the wing of the bat, it must have existed, according to my theory, for an immense period in nearly the same state; and thus it comes to be no more variable than any other structure. It is only in those cases in which the modification has been comparatively recent and extraordinarily great that we ought to find the generative variability, as it may be called, still present in a high degree. For in this case the variability will seldom as yet have been fixed by the continued selection of the individuals varying in the required manner and degree, and by the continued rejection of those tending to revert to a former and less modified condition.The principle included in these remarks may be extended. It is notorious that specific characters are more variable than generic. To explain by a simple example what is meant. If some species in a large genus of plants had blue flowers and some had red, the colour would be only a specific character, and no one would be surprised at one of the blue species varying into red, or conversely; but if all the species had blue flowers, the colour would become a generic character, and its variation would be a more unusual circumstance. I have chosen this example because an explanation is not in this case applicable, which most naturalists would advance, namely, that specific characters are more variable than generic, because they are taken from parts of less physiological importance than those commonly used for classing genera. I believe this explanation is partly, yet only indirectly, true; I shall, however, have to return to this subject in our chapter on Classification. It would be almost superfluous to adduce evidence in support of the above statement, that specific characters are more variable than generic; but I have repeatedly noticed in works on natural history, that when an author has remarked with surprise that some important organ or part, which is generally very constant throughout large groups of species, has differed considerably in closely-allied species, that it has, also, been variable in the individuals of some of the species. And this fact shows that a character, which is generally of generic value, when it sinks in value and becomes only of specific value, often becomes variable, though its physiological importance may remain the same. Something of the same kind applies to monstrosities: at least Is. Geoffroy St. Hilaire seems to entertain no doubt, that the more an organ normally differs in the different species of the same group, the more subject it is to individual anomalies.On the ordinary view of each species having been independently created, why should that part of the structure, which differs from the same part in other independently-created species of the same genus, be more variable than those parts which are closely alike in the several species? I do not see that any explanation can be given. But on the view of species being only strongly marked and fixed varieties, we might surely expect to find them still often continuing to vary in those parts of their structure which have varied within a moderately recent period, and which have thus come to differ. Or to state the case in another manner: the points in which all the species of a genus resemble each other, and in which they differ from the species of some other genus, are called generic characters; and these characters in common I attribute to inheritance from a common progenitor, for it can rarely have happened that natural selection will have modified several species, fitted to more or less widely-different habits, in exactly the same manner: and as these so-called generic characters have been inherited from a remote period, since that period when the species first branched off from their common progenitor, and subsequently have not varied or come to differ in any degree, or only in a slight degree, it is not probable that they should vary at the present day. On the other hand, the points in which species differ from other species of the same genus, are called specific characters; and as these specific characters have varied and come to differ within the period of the branching off of the species from a common progenitor, it is probable that they should still often be in some degree variable, at least more variable than those parts of the organisation which have for a very long period remained constant.In connexion with the present subject, I will make only two other remarks. I think it will be admitted, without my entering on details, that secondary sexual characters are very variable; I think it also will be admitted that species of the same group differ from each other more widely in their secondary sexual characters, than in other parts of their organisation; compare, for instance, the amount of difference between the males of gallinaceous birds, in which secondary sexual characters are strongly displayed, with the amount of difference between their females; and the truth of this proposition will be granted. The cause of the original variability of secondary sexual characters is not manifest; but we can see why these characters should not have been rendered as constant and uniform as other parts of the organisation; for secondary sexual characters have been accumulated by sexual selection, which is less rigid in its action than ordinary selection, as it does not entail death, but only gives fewer offspring to the less favoured males. Whatever the cause may be of the variability of secondary sexual characters, as they are highly variable, sexual selection will have had a wide scope for action, and may thus readily have succeeded in giving to the species of the same group a greater amount of difference in their sexual characters, than in other parts of their structure.It is a remarkable fact, that the secondary sexual differences between the two sexes of the same species are generally displayed in the very same parts of the organisation in which the different species of the same genus differ from each other. Of this fact I will give in illustration two instances, the first which happen to stand on my list; and as the differences in these cases are of a very unusual nature, the relation can hardly be accidental. The same number of joints in the tarsi is a character generally common to very large groups of beetles, but in the Engidae, as Westwood has remarked, the number varies greatly; and the number likewise differs in the two sexes of the same species: again in fossorial hymenoptera, the manner of neuration of the wings is a character of the highest importance, because common to large groups; but in certain genera the neuration differs in the different species, and likewise in the two sexes of the same species. This relation has a clear meaning on my view of the subject: I look at all the species of the same genus as having as certainly descended from the same progenitor, as have the two sexes of any one of the species. Consequently, whatever part of the structure of the common progenitor, or of its early descendants, became variable; variations of this part would it is highly probable, be taken advantage of by natural and sexual selection, in order to fit the several species to their several places in the economy of nature, and likewise to fit the two sexes of the same species to each other, or to fit the males and females to different habits of life, or the males to struggle with other males for the possession of the females.Finally, then, I conclude that the greater variability of specific characters, or those which distinguish species from species, than of generic characters, or those which the species possess in common; that the frequent extreme variability of any part which is developed in a species in an extraordinary manner in comparison with the same part in its congeners; and the not great degree of variability in a part, however extraordinarily it may be developed, if it be common to a whole group of species; that the great variability of secondary sexual characters, and the great amount of difference in these same characters between closely allied species; that secondary sexual and ordinary specific differences are generally displayed in the same parts of the organisation, are all principles closely connected together. All being mainly due to the species of the same group having descended from a common progenitor, from whom they have inherited much in common, to parts which have recently and largely varied being more likely still to go on varying than parts which have long been inherited and have not varied, to natural selection having more or less completely, according to the lapse of time, overmastered the tendency to reversion and to further variability, to sexual selection being less rigid than ordinary selection, and to variations in the same parts having been accumulated by natural and sexual selection, and thus adapted for secondary sexual, and for ordinary specific purposes.Distinct species present analogous variations; and a variety of one species often assumes some of the characters of an allied species, or reverts to some of the characters of an early progenitor.


1. A string of other Victoria's Secret models have also been banned from the country including Julia Belyakova, Kate Grigorieva and Irina Sharipova - all from Russia - and Ukraine's Dasha Khylstun.
2. 消防空降哥七楼救下轻生男子。
3.   I promised, of course; and we kissed one another over and over again, and I soon fell fast asleep.
4.   "Ah," responded Sinbad, laughing with his singular laughwhich displayed his white and sharp teeth. "You have notguessed rightly. Such as you see me I am, a sort ofphilosopher, and one day perhaps I shall go to Paris torival Monsieur Appert, and the little man in the bluecloak."
5. document.writeln('关注创业、电商、站长,扫描A5创业网微信二维码,定期抽大奖。
6. 值得到某种更有效的利用而有所增加。另一方面,共同使用的生产资料的规模会增大。20个织布工人用20台织机劳动的房间,必然比一个独立织布者带两个帮工做工的房间大得多。但是,建造一座容纳20个人的作坊比建造10座各容纳两个人的作坊所耗费的劳动要少,因此大量积聚的并且共同使用的生产资料的价值,一般地说,不会和这些生产资料的规模及其效果成比例地增加。共同使用的生产资料转移到单个产品上去的价值组成部分所以较小,部分是因为这些生产资料转移的总价值要同时分配在较大量的产品上,部分是因为这些生产资料加入生产过程的价值同分散的生产资料相比,绝对地说虽然较大,但从它们作用范围来看,相对地说却较小。因此,不变资本的价值组成部分降低了,而随着这部分价值的量的减少,商品的总价值也降低了。其结果和商品的生产资料的生产变得便宜时所产生的结果一样。生产资料使用方面的这种节约,只是由于许多人在劳动过程中共同消费它们。即使许多工人只是在空间上集合在一起,并不协同劳动,这种生产资料也不同于单干的独立劳动者或小业主的分散的并且相对地说花费大的生产资料,而取得了社会劳动的条件或劳动的社会条件这种性质。一部分劳动资料甚至在劳动过程本身取得这种社会性质以前,就已经取得这种社会性质。


1. 旷视科技披露数据显示,自创立起已产生亏损,2016年-2018年分别亏损为3.4亿、7.6亿、33.5亿,2019年上半年亏损52亿元。
2.   "[The gale from the West had now spent its force, and the wind gotinto the South again, which frightened me lest I should be takenback to the terrible whirlpool of Charybdis. This indeed was whatactually happened, for I was borne along by the waves all night, andby sunrise had reacfied the rock of Scylla, and the whirlpool. She wasthen sucking down the salt sea water, but I was carried aloft towardthe fig tree, which I caught hold of and clung on to like a bat. Icould not plant my feet anywhere so as to stand securely, for theroots were a long way off and the boughs that overshadowed the wholepool were too high, too vast, and too far apart for me to reachthem; so I hung patiently on, waiting till the pool should dischargemy mast and raft again- and a very long while it seemed. A jurymanis not more glad to get home to supper, after having been longdetained in court by troublesome cases, than I was to see my raftbeginning to work its way out of the whirlpool again. At last I let gowith my hands and feet, and fell heavily into the sea, bard by my rafton to which I then got, and began to row with my hands. As for Scylla,the father of gods and men would not let her get further sight ofme- otherwise I should have certainly been lost.]
3. 对这类面罩可依据产品使用说明进行清洗或消毒,但不要清洗过滤元件。
4.   Now, in regard that among all other naturall things, no one is lessesubject to take counsell, or can be wrought to contrariety, then Love,whose nature is such, as rather to run upon his owne rash consumption,then to be ruled by admonitions of the very wisest: my memory hathinspired it selfe, with matter incident to this purpose, effectuallyto approve, what I have already said. For I am now to speake of awoman who would appeare to have more wit, then either she hadindeed, or appertained to her by any title. The matter also, whereinshe would needs shew her studious judgement and capacity, was ofmuch more consequence then she could deserve to meddle withall. Yetsuch was the issue of her fond presuming; that (in one instant) sheexpelled both love, and the soule of her owne sonne out of his body,where (doubtlesse) it was planted by divine favour and appointment.
5. 以及无人售卖机瑞划算,与各大食品巨头合作,售卖各类网红零食。
6. 其事故发生在保险期间,依据法律规定保险人对责任保险的被保险人给第三者造成的损害,可以依照法律的规定或者合同约定直接向第三者赔偿保险金,保险公司应当对汪先生、李先生在此次事故的损害依法在保险责任范围内承担赔偿责任。


1.   Mrs. Harden, be it observed, was the housekeeper: a woman after Mr.Brocklehurst's own heart, made up of equal parts of whalebone andiron.
2. 意见书显示,婴儿口唇、指甲显著紫绀、双眼球结膜充血、角膜高度浑浊、瞳孔不可视、帽状键膜下弥漫性出血。
3. Superpod成立于2016年,本来上是一个众包问答平台,类似于Quora。

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      I was scarcely more than a baby, when the king my father, finding me unusually quick and clever for my age, turned his thoughts to my education. I was taught first to read and write, and then to learn the Koran, which is the basis of our holy religion, and the better to understand it, I read with my tutors the ablest commentators on its teaching, and committed to memory all the traditions respecting the Prophet, which have been gathered from the mouth of those who were his friends. I also learnt history, and was instructed in poetry, versification, geography, chronology, and in all the outdoor exercises in which every prince should excel. But what I liked best of all was writing Arabic characters, and in this I soon surpassed my masters, and gained a reputation in this branch of knowledge that reached as far as India itself.

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