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1.   A long list could easily be given of 'sporting plants;' by this term gardeners mean a single bud or offset, which suddenly assumes a new and sometimes very different character from that of the rest of the plant. Such buds can be propagated by grafting, &c., and sometimes by seed. These 'sports' are extremely rare under nature, but far from rare under cultivation; and in this case we see that the treatment of the parent has affected a bud or offset, and not the ovules or pollen. But it is the opinion of most physiologists that there is no essential difference between a bud and an ovule in their earliest stages of formation; so that, in fact,'sports' support my view, that variability may be largely attributed to the ovules or pollen, or to both, having been affected by the treatment of the parent prior to the act of conception. These cases anyhow show that variation is not necessarily connected, as some authors have supposed, with the act of generation.
2.   She felt weak and utterly forlorn. She wished some help would come from outside. But in the whole world there was no help. Society was terrible because it was insane. Civilized society is insane. Money and so-called love are its two great manias; money a long way first. The individual asserts himself in his disconnected insanity in these two modes: money and love. Look at Michaelis! His life and activity were just insanity. His love was a sort of insanity.
3. 来药店的大多数市民都是来购买口罩和酒精的。
4. 20号回家后一直待在家里,尽量做到自我隔离,只能通过网络、电视等媒体以及微信获得有关疫情的信息。
5. 3M方面回应第一财经记者,目前正在全力组织口罩生产,在春节期间,也将依然保持生产。
6. 中广热点云是广电体系央企二级公司,大股东中广传播集团有限公司为国有独资有限公司,系我国唯一拥有广播电视无线传输业务运营权的运营商。


1.   "'Milano.' 'Lucerne.' These are from Italy."
2. 林剑说,我只能告诉自己要熬过去。
3. 1月30日下午,正在马来西亚和老伴一起旅游的阎丛突然接到女儿从新加坡打来的电话。
4.   By this time, Publius, the father of Titus, was departed out of thismortall life, and letters came to Athens, that with all speed heshould returne to Rome, to take order for occasions there concerninghim; wherefore he concluded with Gisippus about his departure, andtaking Sophronia thither with him, which was no easie matter to bedone, until it were first known, how occasions had bin caried amongthem. Wherupon, calling her one day into her Chamber, they told herentirely, how all had past, which Titus confirmed substantially, bysuch direct passages betweene themselves, as exceeded allpossibility of denyall, and moved in her much admiration; looking eachon other very discontentedly, she heavily weeping and lamenting, andgreatly complaining of Gisippus, for wronging her so unkindly.
5. 因为作为一名父亲,他很好地把握了和女儿相处的分寸,让女儿明确知道:情人关系和亲子关系之间,并不能混淆。
6. 法律用永久基本农田的表述取代了原来的基本农田,并将通过编制统一、全新的国土空间规划,形成生态红线、永久基本农田、城市开发边界三条控制线的整体管控框架。


1. 维权8年10度起诉百度陈平强调,早在2011年3月31日,自己就曾因百度文库侵权盗版问题,公开要求百度文库停止侵权盗版、公开道歉、赔偿损失等。
2. 财富证券认为,受疫情影响,春节期间经典头部游戏集体回暖,日活跃用户数和日均用户时长同比和环比均显著提高,叠加春节游戏活动运营影响,流水普遍出现大幅回升。
3. 如果说2017年是政策制定者们开始担心“无保障无产阶级”(precariat)人数增长的一年,那么2018年将是他们尝试为此做些什么的一年。
4. 从秩序维度来说,为了应对公共卫生事件,还需要大力发展社会组织力量,尤其是在专业性水平方面,政府也要在平时给予社会力量政策支持。
5. 展开全文补齐连接的不足SurfacePro7相比较上一代,外形上并未有太大的变化。
6. 摘要:摩拜、ofo等共享单车的兴起,给永安行主营业务造成冲击。


1. 一路走来,我真的算是非常幸运的。
2. 伽利略的方法是严格地以经验为根据的。他以实验上的、可证实的事实反对亚里土多德和经院哲学家的传统多言。他起初是个物理学家,关心的是找到地面上运动的规律,以解决军事工程和土木工程方面的问题。他还进一步做了力学方面的实验;在实验中,他发明了测定微小的时间间隔的更精确的方法,找到了估算空气阻力、摩擦力和存在于自然界的其他阻力的手段,并设想出用抽象的数学术语表达的纯粹或绝对的运动、力量和速度。
3. 2015年我国的人均个人医疗花销仅有1066元,相当于美国的1/30,低于世界平均水平。
4. 威廉姆斯指出,据凯投宏观估计,全球经济增长率将从2016年的2.5%上升至今年的2.8%,“新兴世界的大宗商品净出口国的出口额(以美元计算)同比增长应会达到20%左右。”
5. 回收一号发现目标,前置雷达站的报告打破了片刻的沉默,这表明雷达捕捉到了神舟号飞船。
6.   After the first few mouthfuls Amina poured some wine into a golden cup. She first drank herself, according to the Arab custom, and then filled it for her sisters. When it came to the porter's turn he kissed Amina's hand, and sang a song, which he composed at the moment in praise of the wine. The three ladies were pleased with the song, and then sang themselves, so that the repast was a merry one, and lasted much longer than usual.


2. 一段1分51秒的视频在网上疯传:一交警在执法时向一名并未反抗的车主使用警用喷雾,随后交警将该车主放倒、控制。此事在网上引起猜测和热议。视频中的交警是西安高新大队的。不少目击者说,事情起因是:交警给这名车主的车贴了一张违停罚单,车主找交警理论时骂骂。
3. We were sitting together in a shaded arbor, in one of those eating-gardens of theirs. The delicious food had been eaten, a plate of fruit still before us. We could look out on one side over a stretch of open country, quietly rich and lovely; on the other, the garden, with tables here and there, far apart enough for privacy. Let me say right here that with all their careful "balance of population" there was no crowding in this country. There was room, space, a sunny breezy freedom everywhere.

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